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Radio Stuff - Scheds of HF / VHF / Broadcast Radio / TV Etc.

The table below shows the Simplex VHF channels available when your VHF marine radio is set to "International" which is the correct setting for Australia. These can be used for "Ship to Ship" transmissions.

Simplex VHF Channels.


6 On scene coordination during SAR





67 Supplementary to Ch 16







13 Maritime Safety Information




15 Low Power Only


16 Calling and Distress


Coast radio stations

HF stations
The States and Northern Territory marine authorities have set up a series of 'Coast Radio' Stations that provide high frequency (HF) aural watchkeeping services. These services are provided through a network of nine HF stations located at Perth, Port Hedland, Darwin, Cairns, Gladstone, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

HF radio distress and safety services will be provided by the stations to all coastal areas throughout Australia with coverage extending up to 200 nautical miles seaward. Stations maintain 24 hour listening watches on 4125 kHz, 6215 kHz and 8291 kHz for distress and safety situations. It is important to restrict radio traffic on these frequencies to distress, safety and urgency calls.

The 'Coast Radio' Stations will also broadcast navigation warnings on 8176 kHz.

Also, Marine Radio Manly ( VKQ447 ) also monitors 6215 kHZ from 0600hrs to 2100hrs Monday to Friday. 6215 kHZ is also monitored by Kordia via Charleville and Willuna transceivers.

Some Radio Nets For the Pacific

Tas Maritime Radio - Tasmania

Tasmania-wide Skeds

These skeds are broadcast simultaneously four times daily from our base stations around Tasmania.
The skeds times are 0745, 1345, 1633 and 1903 hours.

The Announcement

Skeds begin with an announcement on VHF channel 16 and HF frequencies 2524, 4125 and 6215 kHZ.
Because most of these are distress and calling channels, the announcement directs vessels to change to an appropriate working channel as follows:

  VHF channel 67 Southeast & Southwest Coasts
  VHF channel 68 Eastern Bass Strait, Lower East Coast, Central West Coast
  VHF channel 69 Upper East Coast
 HF frequencies 2524, 4146, 6227 All areas

The Skeds

Skeds include weather forecasts for Tasmanian Coastal Waters and Coastal Observations
The 0745 sked also includes the Maritime Safety Information and Notices to Mariners and Tasmanian District (Land) Forecasts for the day.

Maatsuyker Island Skeds

These skeds are broadcast twice each day via the repeater on Maatsuyker Island. These can only be received around the south coast. 
Sked times are 0833 and 1803 hours on VHF channel 82.

The Skeds

Both skeds weather forecasts for Tasmanian Coastal Waters and Coastal Observations for areas that are relevant to vessels within range of this repeater. 
The 0833 sked also includes the West Coast Land Forecast for the day.

Traffic on hand, Calls and Position Reports

At the completion of the weather, TMR will advise whether they are holding any traffic (messages) for anyone and then request calls. Vessels can then call in and advise who they are (their Callsign) and what their intentions are.

South-east Inshore Automated Weather - VHF Channel 1

Tas Maritime Radio broadcasts weather forecasts for south-east inshore waters (Derwent River, Storm Bay, Frederick-Henry Bay, Norfolk Bay, the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and SE Coastal Waters) on the hour and the half-hour 24-hours a day. This is an automated service.

Contact TasCoast or the Radio Manager info@tasmaritime.com.au to arrange skeds on alternate frequencies.

Gulf Harbour Radio - New Zealand

This site does radio scheds for yachts in transit in association with the Yachts in Transit web site.

8116 kHz or 8752 kHz
Monday-Saturday NZST 7:15am
May - November

Opua Offshore Communications
A commercial enterprise by Des Renner providing yachts with services such as position reporting, individual weather forecasts, passing messages and advice. To use this service, yachts should e-mail with all their details. A charge of $50NZD is payable for a period of 1 year. The times below are NZ time (+12UTC)

Opua Offshore Communications
SSB Sked Times:
4417 07.00 - 07.15  
4429 07.30 - 08.00 19.00 - 19.30
6516 07.15 - 07.30 19.30 - 20.00
13101 08.00 - 08.30 16.00 - 16.30
VHF 16 07.00 - 20.00  
Des Renner - email: opuaoffshore@xtra.co.nz

Coconut Breakfast Net, French Polynesia 8188 kHz at 1730UTC (English),

French Net 13940 kHz at 0300UTC (French)

Pacific Seafarers Net
(ham) 14300kHz 0230UTC informal chat followed by roll call at 0325UTC

Maritime Mobile Net
(ham) 14300 - 14313 kHz 24h/day in different languages

Pacific Maritime Net
21412 kHz at 2200UTC

Rag of the Air Net
8173 kHz at 1900UTC

Comedy Net: Daily meeting on 7.087 MHz  (LSB) at 2040 UTC (0640 EST Australia, 0740 New Cal, Vanuatu time) (just after the Australian MSL wefax broadcast). Leans towards the irreverent and informal. Several land based regulars who'll help solve local problems. All licensed hams are welcome, esp. newcomers. Cheers and 73 from Jim and Ann Cate (N9GFT/VK4GFT) s/v Insatiable II

Reef Net: 8152kHz or 6224kHz 0800 EST (2200UTC) Daily. Covers cruising to Darwin and South Africa..

"Shaggers Net"The Shaggers High Frequency (HF)The “Shaggers Net” will operate on an add hock basis on the East Coast of Australia. See their web site for details
If you have a HF radio and would like to assist by way of participating a net control roster … contact us on info@sicyc.com.au

Sheila Net 8161kHz 2200UTC Daily. Covers NE Coast of Australia, New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Noumea. Emergencies, position reports, general information and traffic contacts.
SW Pacific (New Caledonia and Vanuatu):

Namba Net Update 11 June 2012:- Trying 8101kHz at 0715 EST (2115UTC) Operates during the cruising season May to about October (2100UTC) on 6227 kHz (6227 has in 2009 a lot of interference on it so the net goes to 4417 kHz at about 0801 hrs EST, (GMT +11)) at 0800 EST, New Caledonia and Vanuatu (GMT +11). It is a sister net to the Sheila Net and provides similar coverage but with more relevance to yachts in New Caledonia, Vanuatu and north to the Solomons. Depending on who is the net manager (voluntary) local weather is provided through a combination of translated French broadcasts and email from Meteo Vanuatu. Yachts en route to Australia can transfer to the Sheila Net as they near the Australian Coast.

Kava Net 8119kHz at 0800 New Cal Time (2000UTC)

Coconut Milk Run Net
12365kHz at 0600 New Cal Time (1800UTC)

Frequency and Phone Number Lists

A list of Coast Guard, VMR and Water Police stations in Queensland and NSW - Calling and Distress VHF, HF & Phone Numbers (Word Format - Size 80K)

Queensland Repeater Channels - Coast Guard (Word Format - Size 58K)

Note - Radio Australia no longer broadcasts on HF, only local FM stations

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